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About Us

DSB candles is our most exciting project to date. We are a mother-daughter partnership who has taken their hobby of making candles from home and made it into a small business. We have been making candles together since 2014, after the mother in our duo completed a candle-making class. For the past 6 years, we have experimented making different types of candles, working to perfect the way our products are made and burn. 
Our vision for DSB candles is to be a trusted brand, providing our customers with products that are of higher quality. We have tried and tested candles for many years but have found that higher price points don't always mean higher quality. Many brands that we have tested have lacked what we have found most important, quantity of product and scent. We believe we have perfected our candles to where we can confidently say all of our candles are filled generously and contain a high percentage of fragrance that will deliver a beautiful aroma. 
We aim to be a reliable brand, devoted to meeting our customer's needs and wants. 
We have enjoyed every minute of this adventure in creating a small business so far and are excited to now be sharing it with a larger audience. 


DSB candles
ABN: 32 246 973 898


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